Access Christian Fellowship (Undergraduate)

College is one of the most pivotal chapters of life – it is a time unlike any other to uncover God’s purposes for your life and for the world. We believe that college students have amazing potential to be the world leaders of tomorrow as they encounter the power of God and experience life transformation today. That’s why we invest in college students through LIFE Group, a community where students can grow in faith and develop as people.

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Focus (Post-Grad Adults)

Post-grad adult life is generally considered a transitional period when many search for significance in their careers, relationships, and spiritual lives. We believe that this journey is best experienced within a vibrant, Christ-centered community.

Focus is the post grad adults’ ministry of HMCC – a place where we can grow in our faiths, share our life stories and interests, serve the community, and have fun!

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Covenant (Married Couples)

In the busyness of life it is hard to balance our work, family and spiritual walk. We believe a Christ-centered community is the way we can find that strength and encouragement to live the day-to-day.  Covenant is our married couples ministry – a place where families can gather to fellowship, challenge and encourage one another as we lead a life that honors God.

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Building Blocks (Children’s Ministry)

Building Blocks is our ministry for children. Our mission is to lay a biblical foundation to lead children to Christ and to prepare them to share their faith. We believe you can never be too young to start and grow a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our commitment is to partner with the parents (the spiritual leaders of the home) for the spiritual growth of their children, and to teach God’s truth through relevant Bible lessons and age-appropriate activities at our weekly children’s church offered during the Sunday Celebration Services.

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