Life Stage Ministries


College is one of the most pivotal chapters of your life - it is a time to discover who you are, to build lifelong friendships, to realize your passions, and to uncover God's purposes for your life and for the world.

We believe that college students have amazing potential to be the world leaders of tomorrow as they encounter the power of God and experience life transformation today. Throughout history, we have seen influential people and heroes of faith whose life calling was shaped during their university years.

That is why we invest in college students by providing various avenues for them to grow in their faith and develop as people. Check out the following opportunities to experience life transformation and read up on stories of other college students whose lives were never the same as they experienced the love and community of God here at HMCC!

LIFE Groups

Everyone needs a home away from home, especially when dorm meals and bunk beds get old, and exams and papers start piling up! We know that college life can be stressful, and that it is so important to have a community to support you through the challenges and to celebrate with you in moments of triumph!

In LIFE group, you will find people you can call family, who will walk with you through the ups and downs. You will find people who challenge each other spiritually and personally, and who are committed to growing together in faith. It is a place where you will discover more about who you are, and how to live out God's purpose for your life in the context of biblical community. And of course, it's a place where you will have tons of fun and create lifelong memories!

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Imagine going a week without a bite to eat, or going even five minutes without a breath of air -- not a pretty sight! We realize that it's easy in the busyness of college life to neglect some of the bare essentials of our spiritual lives - chewing on the Word of God, or getting refreshed through times of prayer and worship.

Access is our weekly Friday night gathering for students. It is a time to dig deeper into the Bible as we hear challenging teachings and learn to apply them practically into our lives. We also engage in prayer and worship together - opportunities to get lost in the presence of God and to get refreshed to continue on with the week.

We meet on Fridays @ 7PM. Once you get a taste, we know you'll be hungry for more!


Transitioning into graduate school is an exciting time. It is a time of sharpening our interests and passions as we plunge deeper into specific areas of academia. But more than that, it is also a time for us to discover how our faith impacts our studies and practices in our respective disciplines. It is more than just surviving in the academic arena and preparing for our future advancement. It is also a time for us grow into people who will use our education and giftings to impact our classrooms, labs and the campus for God's glory.

So, come join us and see what we are all about.

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Focus is the single adults' ministry of HMCC. The single adult life stage is generally considered a transitional time of life when many search for significance in their careers, relationships, and spiritual lives. We challenge and encourage one another to reach out to our co-workers and be Christ-like in our working fields.

We believe that this journey is best experienced within a vibrant, Christ-centered community, where people grow in their faith, share their life stories and interests, serve the community, and have fun!

If you would like to learn more about our community or join a LIFE group, please email Pastor Ben (